We Are All Born Atheists–Beliefs are Learned

Religions Prosper through Indoctrination

All of us are born as atheists. This is true not because it cannot be proven false. This is true because it can be demonstrated that a child must be introduced to a god before the idea of a god arises. Not only is this true, but it is well-known.

Religious Indoctrination Begins Early Indoctrination

In the religious times of our ancestors, spiritual leaders have prepared instructions for the indoctrination of children into a culture of belief. This practice of indoctrination has continued throughout the centuries and taken on many shapes and forms. From rites of passage to circumcisions, baptisms, and many others, the evolution of the indoctrination of children has continued to advance itself.

In modern times; preschools, summer camps, youth organizations, and religious clubs for children are plentiful as a means to develop the next generation of believers. In religious cultures, this indoctrination occurs early and is repeated often. Under this type of circumstance, it can be difficult for people to return to the natural state they were born into–atheism.


Why is Indoctrination Necessary?

If the existence of a god was observable in everyday life, then it would be unnecessary for the indoctrination of children to occur. It would be unnecessary for a god to be publicly promoted to the extent that the gods have been and continue to be promoted. It would be unnecessary for a god to be repeatedly solicited to all members of a society. It would be unnecessary for there to be multiple doctrines explaining the intentions of a single god. It would be unnecesbaby_baptismsary for faith to be valued over and above reason and evidence.

If the existence of a god was observable in everyday life, then everybody would believe properly just as everybody believes in gravity today. Everybody would believe because our reason, logic, and experience would force us to believe. As it turns out, we are at a point in the history of humanity where the opposite is becoming true.


Belief in a God or Gods is Becoming Difficult

It is becoming difficult for some people to explain why they believe in a god and why they defend the doctrines associated with the god that they choose to believe in. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to accept the observable realities of modern life when these realities are compared with ancient explanations. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to state publicly that they believe that the universe was created in seven days in its present form. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to state publicly that they believe that this creation took place 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to state publicly that they believe that all of humanity arrived as the product of one man and one woman. Yet some still do.

The consequences of these difficulties create confusion in the minds of some believers when they question their faith. Some believers wonder why they cling to the beliefs that they accept as truths. They wonder if they have been misled in some way. As a result, separation from religious dogmatism is on the rise in the United States and around the world. Once this process begins, once the individual begins to question his or her own faith, there is no turning back. The levies have failed, and a truth seeking individual emerges following the flood of new ideas, new emotional challenges, and new uncertainties.sunrise

The Atheistic Awakening

The emergence of this new individual comes with interesting challenges and exciting opportunities. This new individual is able to decide for him or herself what the purpose of his or her life is going to be. This individual becomes responsible for his or her own actions in a completely new way. No longer are the restrictions that we all must accept provided by an external source. No, that is too easy. Instead, we all must decide for ourselves what the correct answers to our ethical, moral, and spiritual questions should be. In doing so, we come to know ourselves better. We come to know each other better. And, we come to know this universe within which we exist better. Life becomes an immensely spiritual journey once the belief in supernatural judgment is shed.



5 thoughts on “We Are All Born Atheists–Beliefs are Learned

  1. Thanks for your comment. I also find if very difficult to believe in things I cannot experience in some way.

    • AtheistThink: I will check that out. I equate indoctrination to poking someone’s eyes out. They are no longer able to see what is right in front of them. This is very interesting from a psychological perspective, but scary from a social/political/interpersonal perspective.

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