Guest Blogging Letter

Fellow Blogger,


A Bit about Link Building

Search engines place higher value on links that come from quality sites and are imbedded into article format using relevant keywords as the link anchor. When I write content for your blog, I will not be placing my blog address or even blog title in the article to use as a link anchor.

Instead, I will use keywords that relate to some page or post that I have on my blog. This will make the link look natural to your readers as well as the search engine spiders.

The content that I would most like to receive in your articles includes topics that could be categorized as:

  • Personal Stories
  • Atheism
  • Religion

So let’s get started. I have a contact form listed on the About page of this blog.

This really is a simple thing that we both can benefit from.

I look forward to working with you.

–Steven Clear

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