The Ever Shrinking Gaps for God to Live Within

“The tides go in, the tides go out; we can’t explain that…” Bill O’Reilly

The point the no-spin doctor was alluding to is if there is something he cannot explain, then he just accepts God did it and puts no further thought into the matter. He has better things to do anyway, like fabricating news stories for an uninformed audience. Unfortunately, he is very good at what he does, and he has a large audience.

Bill O’Reilly is not the first and he surely will not be the last to employ the God of the Gaps argument as a proof for the existence of his preferred God. Take for example the ancient Egyptian god Ra who was believed to be the sun god. The Earth was still flat, seasonal flooding of the Nile Valley was consistent, and the sun would rise and set each day.

Because the ancient Egyptians did not know the Earth was round, the cause of the annual flooding, and the reason for the daily sunrise and sunset, they produced a god to explain each of these events.

The Rebirth of Ra


In the case of Ra, it was believe that he was swallowed each night by another god only to be reborn again the following day. There is a curious association to the idea of rebirth that developed in many religious traditions that followed Egyptian myth in the ancient world including the idea that some otherworldly realm existed following human life on Earth—an afterlife so to speak.

The Death of Ra

The point is, the Egyptians believe in Ra because they did not have another explanation for what they observed in nature. Now that we do understand that aspect of nature, the idea that people at any time in the history of humanity believe that silly story is, well it seems silly.

The gap has closed around the god Ra, but we still have some unanswered questions. Truth seekers view these unanswered questions as exciting puzzles to be solved. Believers view these unanswered questions as proof of the existence of God.

Closing the Gaps

Until science is able to provide conclusive proof for what banged the Big Bang and what sparked the spark of life, believers will still fill those gaps with the god of their choosing. Darwinian Evolution is the most challenged theory in the history of biology and it has been proven accurate under every type of scrutiny. Even so, some people still do not accept the theory as being correct.

Just imagine how long it will take for the faithful to accept theories that explain the spark of life and the thing that banged the Big Bang whenever a plausible theory is developed. I am certain that acceptance of a theory like this will not happen in my lifetime. I do hope the evolution issue is settled though. That would be nice to see.

Along the way, as our knowledge base continues to grow, the gap within which God exists is ever shrinking.



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