Pathos, Logos, Ethos: Science and Religion are Incompatible

Series One: Post Two

logos pathos ethosReligion Versus Science

Religion argues from a position of Pathos and Science argues from a position of Logos and both claim some authority concerning Ethos. Religion attempts to overcompensate for its obvious lack of Logos by claiming to have the Supreme Ethos while Science downplays the value of Pathos by stating that Logos is the only legitimate means of achieving Ethos as well as arguing that the Supreme Ethos on the Religion side is actually not Ethos at all.

Step Right Up, and Win a Prize 

Explain that back to me in the comments section in a tweet format, and you will have my sincerest admiration, which may or may not be worth much depending upon how much you appreciate validation and appreciation from random strangers.

tug of war

A Literal Tug O’ War

The crux, both sides begin from opposite ends of the rope and are determined to make this the longest game of tug O’ war in all of human history.

“I am really not sure what all this Accommodation is about between these two avenues for gaining knowledge. One begins from a place of certain knowledge and hopes to find verification in nature, while the other begins from a place of uncertainty that seeks whatever knowledge is available through the observation of nature.”

–Steven Clear


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