A Socratic Dialogue: Part One

Part One

A café conversation between two friends:

-Sid: Do you believe the future exists?

-Nancy: No, I believe it will happen, but it doesn’t exist yet.

-S: Okay. What about the past?

-N: It is over. It no longer exists. It has expired.

-S: So then, all that is real is the present?

-N: In a sense, yes. The present is all that exists.

-S: In a sense?

-N: The past happened, it’s real.

-S: You just said the past doesn’t exist, now you say it is real. I don’t understand.

-N: Just because something no longer exists doesn’t mean it never did.

-S: So the past once existed, but now it no longer exists. If the past doesn’t exist, how did it exist before?

-N: Just like the present exists right now.

-S: Where was the present when the past existed?

-N: Hadn’t happened yet.

-S: So, there was once a past with no present?

-N: Nope.

-S: Then what? That is what you just said, “the present hadn’t happened yet.” The present didn’t exist in the past.

Slightly frustrated and with a full bladder, Nancy excuses herself to the toilet seeking refuge from the mind-numbing inquiry. After a few minutes of refreshing her mind and relieving her bladder, she feels fully prepared to re-engage Sid.

Check out Part Two.

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