Atheism verse Theism: A misuse of Labels

God is an emotion. A human emotion. We humans like to label our emotions. That feeling of anxiety when we perceive unfairness, we call anger. That feeling of an invisible weight that follows a loss, we call morning—temporary sadness. That feeling of floating and oneness that we experience during sex, we call elation.

We label our emotions like we label each other. We label each other like we label products in a grocery store. We label everything as a way to understand. We label as a means to an end—a shortcut in the decision making process.

  • Friends = Good
  • Enemies = Bad
  • White = Superior
  • Black = Thug
  • Christian = Godly
  • Atheist = Immoral
  • God = Greatest Good
  • Devil = Greatest Evil

Think of any label, basically any word, and what happens? Are you automatically and actually experiencing the product of that label?

I want you to think of the label READING (I made it with big letters to help). Now that you are thinking of reading, does that mean you are automatically and actually reading? In this case, yes. I say this with confidence.

 Angelina Jolie-Pitt

Are you now with Angelina Jolie hacking phones and swimming in well-lite, unguarded swimming pools? Young Angie was so hot, but not even Brad Pitt will experience young Angie no matter how hard he and she tries.


Are you experiencing some feeling greater than yourself? Even the atheist, people like me, recognize the feeling of things greater than ourselves–I think we label this insecurity. We do not label this God. I should say, I label the idea of God as an idea I call Life, a theist (not to be confused with atheist) would/will disagree with me.

When I think of anything, I consider it Life. The good, bad and the ugly, I think Life. I do not think God. I am not forced to rationalize why the Greatest Good would do the Greatest Evil. I do not have to rationalize a reason for things I simply do not understand. I do not have to rationalize a defense for Life. I simply experience until I don’t. And, that is life. NOT GOD (big letters again, I know).

 The only divide between an Atheist and a Theist is our use of Labels.

Now that I have solved the problem of religious conflict in the world for all time, I am moving on to solving more pressing issues, like my desire to consume the wing of a once living creature that is slathered in plants we label as hot or spicy. Thanks for reading, and thinking, and mostly being. I could not be me without you. And, hopefully, our lives our better on account of our shared trials and conversations.

To praise God, to pray to God, and to love God is not a rational act. Exchange the label God with my preferred label Life, and the statement has the same meaning and is still irrational.

I could turn this into a book, but at this point, I think your thoughts are more valuable than mine. Please comment below.

-Steven Clear


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