Do you Feel ‘It’, or do I think ‘It’?

What are we arguing about?

The faith-filled claim (like a Krispy Crème doughnut) that they ‘feel’ some god’s love is this: their god is touching them and not touching you/me, whomever. It is their god and not some other lessor god of course—that would be creepy. Like a pedi-pastorial-pass or something for gods not Catholics. (As we are all mortals, we really can’t know how many gods there may be. Maybe there is a god for each of us, and that god negotiates with his god neighbors, and we are the outcome of that conversation.) Is your god touching me, …or is that just your priest. Grrr.

 {Or, we are now. We are you, and we are me. Any philosophy after that is redundant.}

This is psychological, sometimes emotional, but never rational. Why not? Because when I am touched, I react. If you touch me in anger, I might hit you with something heavy. If you touch me in love, I might enjoy you more. If you touch me in thought, I am yours forever.

Different people are different, I get that, but the goal seems the same. I cannot rationally explain the rules of chess to a highly emotional person. “I took your queen, because you left it open.” Player two says, “I left it open because my queen brings us all happiness.”

fingermebitchOf course, I say, ‘you lose.’ And the other player says, ‘but we are not against each other now, are we? I think I win.

“Well, Mr. know it alls, God touched me in places he didn’t or doesn’t touch you.” I win, I have been touched.

Okay, If you are ready to call the CDC or child welfare, don’t. I was talking about God, not a historical memory in my brain. I do recognize that I need counseling.

To much time for any of us in this secular battlefield will turn us into psychological mulch. Take that for what it is, and if you comment, help me understand what I just said because your god is about to touch me.


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