GOD, God, god…this post is not about God

An Intro, Not mandatory, but helpful…the story is below.

So the title is for search engine hits. It just so happens, God is a popular keyword that simple-minded people type in as if God were to be found on the Internet. He/She/It won’t be found on the Internet because that idea is fiction. That Idea is a human construct. 

This is not a manual, one could not be written. Life is not a process, life is only what we recognize as something existing while having some awareness. Life has a definition. A definition constructed by some humans and accepted by others. Life is what death is. Dark is what light is. No one thing is different from any other thing. We are all natural ingredients existing under the conditions of our environment. We are not human versus nature, we are not man versus wild, we are not Earth versus Universe, we are not so many things.

What we are is simple: We are Darkness

The following is an external document I started, so don’t be shocked when it doesn’t follow. I only put it here because it relates. I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please comment. If you don’t, I don’t care, so please go away. I am not interested in your opinion. I once was, but now I am a mindless drone who only accepts conversation about normative ethics as we create them and why we create them as well as anything that can be explained based on evidence. If you don’t have a sound argument, if you claim faith a premise, Go Away. I do not care. If you are interested in the development of human thought, as we (you and I) are just a tiny part, I am interested. Please stay. Please read and comment and share. Only a human can influence human thought, for me, that is the joy of being.

I am only here for a while, and during that time, I ought never be alone because I have you. My document follows. I have no title, maybe you could suggest one…

The Truth of Existence

The thing is, your God is not nearly as powerful as you think it is. Your life is not as important as you think it is. Your birth was not as special as you wish it was, and your death will be one of many. You didn’t exist forever, and then you did. At some point, you no longer will. You are life—brief, fleeting, and shallow. To be the powerhouse, the force of nature to be reckoned, you need to leave a crater on this place that spans time. To be remembered, you need to make an impression.


Darkness sets on all of us. Darkness spans centuries and space. Darkness leaves an impression that nobody misunderstands. It is only light that is confusing. Why would that be? It would seem, light is confusion because it is rare. Light is unnatural. Light is the collection of stars that fill the night sky, only the night sky is not full. The night sky is rather empty. In all that surrounds us, all the things that dwarf us, all the things that seem too large to comprehend, we are here to make them smaller.


We make our world small by believing we are central. All of this, all of everything is about us. More specifically, about me—or you. It is always first person me. All of this is about me. The Big Bang, for me; the complexity of physics, me; the evolution of species, me; the light of the stars, me.


Never has a thing been so obvious that the answer didn’t come naturally. Let life be, let the light come and go, let the world live for now because, at some point, it will die. You, me, they, them, us, or we, it doesn’t matter the pronoun, all of it will end just as it all began. We are not basking in the glory of Heaven. We are not the purpose of time and fate. We are not here for a reason, we are a cosmic blink. We are the natural product of time under appropriate conditions. We are human—a human construct. We are one of many, human constructs form our world, our reality, but really, we construct that reality out of darkness.

We, while being classified as human, are a human construct.

Really though, we are just part of and the whole of everything we think we understand and all the things we certainly don’t understand. We are nothing and everything. We are love and hate. We are war and peace, and we are the universe. No additives or preservatives needed. We are the universe under proper conditions and happen to be now in a place that is constantly changing. That change is why we are here, that change will eventually make sure we are not. Don’t be sad, you and I and everyone you love, and everyone you hate is all one thing. We are the nature of things.

If interested, go read: de rerum natura. It’s an old book, older than the New Testament that has not hurt anyone for over 2,000 years. In English, the title is On the Nature of Things. I highly recommend this to the scholar and the other who wants to be entertained.

Be well or not, If I had my choice, I would like for you to be well.



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