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Welcome to Atheists in Action

Because we live in a world that is always changing, Atheists in Action is always changing as well. Atheists in Action is based upon the principle that knowledge is gained and built upon rather than inspired and discovered through revelation.

The things we know about the world today and about ourselves either collectively or as individuals are learned through various methods of study. The methods of study that have the greatest impact on us in the modern world are observation, experimentation, and experience.


As children, our understanding of the world arrives through observation. Children are curious creatures. When a child observes something, that child’s natural reaction is to question what he or she is seeing. We should never let ourselves forget this first fundamental aspect of our nature.

Additionally, if children are not questioning the events that occur in their presence, then they are mimicking how they see others behaving. The people children mimic are their parents, their peers, public figures, or even fictional characters. This is another way we gain knowledge through observation.


After observing some phenomenon, we wonder what caused the phenomenon in the first place. If we figure out what caused the phenomenon, maybe we can recreate the event. If we can recreate the event, then we have learned the reason for the phenomenon thus satisfying our original curiosity.


Both observation and experimentation contribute to our understanding of reality. Without the experience of having observed something, we have no knowledge of that thing. Upon experiencing something for a first time, our knowledge through observation alone is very limited. The more experience we gain through experimentation, the greater our understanding becomes. Past knowledge is then added to our present understanding that will help guide us into a more comfortable future.

Atheists in Action is here to promote this knowledge building approach as it is the surest was to discover truth. Any person seeking truth will appreciate this.

Guest Blogging

I am happy to forward this process by contributing to blogs with a similar agenda. If you would like, I will contribute content to your blog. You can read my  Guest Blogging Letter for more information or contact me from the About page